65 Graduation Gift Ideas For Any Budget (That You Can Buy Without Leaving Your House!)

Jun 1, 2020 | Budgeting

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Graduation season is upon us!  Which means that you have some shopping to do.

From kiddos graduating from pre-school (is there anything cuter) to young adults leaving college to start their independent lives, right now is a time to celebrate your family and friends for accomplishing something so major.

But, like, what gift could you possibly buy to convey to your loved ones “Congrats, I’m proud of you!”?

Well, you’re in luck, because:

Change your money mindset

I’ve rounded up the best graduation gift ideas for kids, teens, and young adults who are celebrating such a monumentally awesome time in their life.

And, as you know, the world is a little off right now.

This means that your recent grad likely didn’t get to participate in end-of-year activities, missed out on prom, and didn’t have a graduation ceremony.

So, with that in mind, it’s time to make your graduate feel extra, extra, extra special with one of these epic graduation gift ideas!

(Don’t worry, these gifts are perfect for anybody on a budget – they’ll still pack a big punch for a small cost!)

Oh, and did I mention?  You can snag any of these gifts without having to leave your home!

Let’s dive in:


1.  ‘Kindergarten, Here I Come!’ Book, $2.69

Hype up your little one for kindergarten with this adorable book!  They’ll feel ready for their new adventure as soon as you’re done reading.

2.  Summer Journal For Kids, $5.99

This is the perfect age to encourage your little one to keep learning throughout the summer – they think its fun!  For a small cost, you can look back on your kid’s summer before going off to kindergarten through their eyes with this adorable journal.

3.  Fire Tablet – Kids Edition, $99.99

The Fire Tablet for kids by Amazon is the perfect way to allow your kids to have the screen time they crave while educating them in the process.

With the ability to set time limits and restrictions, this tablet is perfect for school-aged children who want to have fun while learning!

Also, their 2-year worry-free guarantee means that if it breaks, you can send it back and have the Fire Tablet replaced at no cost to you.

4.  Graduation Barbie, $29.99

How cute is this Barbie?!

Get your little one a graduation Barbie that they can relate to as they play!

5.  Preschool Graduate Tshirt, $15.99

Help your little one let everybody know that they are a super special preschool grad with this adorable t-shirt!

6.  I Crushed Preschool Tshirt, $19.99

Another stellar way to help your graduate brag about their epic accomplishment!

7.  Splash Pad, $34.99

Schools out for summer and it’s time to get your little one hyped!

This splash pad will be all the rage for every preschooler made kindgergartener who is ready to get their summer on.

8.  Outdoor Adventure Pack, $29.99

Make your kiddos’ summer adventurous and fun with this outdoor kit!

9.  Outdoor Sports Pack, $33.42

Have fun with the whole family with this outdoor sports pack!

10.  Kiwi Co Kiwi Crate Subscription Box (Ages 5-8), $24.95

Kiwi Co is hands down the best subscription box for kids!  With multiple boxes to choose from, designed for specific age groups, your youngin’ will be entertained and challenged each month with a new creative toolbox!

Kiwi Co believes in encouraging kids to be creative and confident and is the perfect monthly treat.

As a gift-giver, you can choose the age group you wish your box to be geared to, and the length of your subscription – from 1 month to 12 months!

11.  Owl Post Books Subscription (Ages 4-7), $14.99

Instill a love for reading in your young one with a fun subscription box from Owl Post Books.

Each month your little one will receive a new book that will ignite their passion for reading and learning!


1.  Middle School Survival Handbook, $9.89

Get this hilarious book for your elementary school grad to ease their fears of going to middle school.

2.  Dabbing Unicorn 5th Grade Grad T-shirt, $22.95

Your soon-to-be middle schooler will love this tye-dye dabbing t-shirt announcing their graduation.

3.  Nintendo Switch Lite, $199.99

Your pre-teen just graduated elementary school!

Let them know how proud of them you are with this epic graduation gift that any kid would love.

4.  Middle School Manual, $9.49

Help your pre-teen feel ready for their middle school journey with this manual!

5.  Graduation Necklace, $39.95

This pretty necklace is the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion!

6.  Owl Post Books Subscription (Ages 8-11), $14.99

Make reading cool and exciting by signing your pre-teen up for an Owl Post Book subscription.

Each month, they’ll get a new book that is perfect for their age group!

7.  Grand Slam Baseball Water Slide, $59.99

Start your new grad’s summer off right and be the talk of the neighborhood with this baseball slip n slide!

8.  New Bike, $180.00

What screams summer vacation more than a new bike?!

9.  5th Grade Level Complete T-shirt, $19.95

This fun t-shirt will help your new grad celebrate their awesome accomplishment!

10.  Kiwi Co Subscription Box, $24.95

Kiwi Co is the perfect subscription box for creative kids who want to feel challenged and rewarded from building something fun!

You can choose from 3 boxes for your 10-12 year-old to encourage them to use their creativity and imagination.

As a gift-giver, you can choose the age group you wish your box to be geared to and the length of your subscription – from 1 month to 12 months!


1.  Bookbag Set, $22.99

This adorable bookbag set is perfect for anybody entering high school.  Its ergonomic design includes a phone and ID pouch, a laptop section, a shoulder bag perfect for bringing a home lunch, and a supplies case!

2.  The Freshman Survival Guide, $15.10

Entering high school can be a scary time for some, so prepare your new grad for their freshman year with this fun survival guide that will let them know they have nothing to worry about!

3.  Graduation Necklace, $16.99

Commemorate your teens big moment with this thoughtful, simple, and pretty necklace.

4.  Graduation Cap Amazon Gift Card, $25+

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a gift card they can spend on whatever they please!

5.  Dabbing Graduation T-Shirt, $14.95

The only graduation tee your soon-to-be high schooler won’t be embarrassed to wear!

6.  Moving On From The Middle Book, $8.00

Help your new grad feel ready for their new adventure with this book!

7.  New Wallet, $7.99

Make sure your teen doesn’t lose his/her ID or lunch money with a new wallet!

8.  Fire Tablet, $49.99

A new tablet is the perfect gift for your new grad!  They can read books, plan their days, play educational games, use social media, and more.

9.  Owl Post Books Subscription (YA), $14.99

Keep your teens love of reading alive (with so many other distractions) by gifting them a subscription to Owl Post Books.  Every month they’ll get a new Young Adult book that they can escape with.

10.  Kiwi Co Maker/Eureka Crate, $34.95

Kiwi Co has super fun, challenging, and creative subscription boxes for people of all ages.

Especially appropriate for a middle school graduate are the Maker Crate and Eureka Crate.

The Maker Crate includes hands-on projects with high-quality materials for creative learning. Their past Maker Crate boxes have included succulent/plant hangers, pillow making, and crocheting.

The Eureka Crate includes challenging engineering projects that encourage hands-on creativity.  Past Eureka Crate boxes have included building your own guitar, your own electrical pencil sharpener, and your own bedside lamp.

Either one of these subscription boxes by Kiwi Co will keep your teen busy with fun projects this summer!

11.  FabFitFun Subscription Box, $25+

The FabFitFun boxes are all the rage!  Four times a year, your love done will receive a box jam-packed with full-size premium products.  Some past boxes have included totes bags, jewelry, skincare, makeup, water bottles, slippers, household decor, and more.

12.  Ipsy Subscription Bag, $12.00

Do you have a beauty lover on your hands?  Ipsy is the perfect way to introduce your young adult to the world of makeup and skincare without overdoing it.  Each month, they’ll receive 5 (full size and sample size) beauty products to test and enjoy!

13.  Wireless Earbuds, $42.99

Make your teen feel cool and included by gifting them wireless earbuds which are all the rage right now.

14.  Smart Watch, $35.99

Your new high school student will never be late for class with this affordable smart watch!


1.  Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port, $25.99

Your new college student will need a high-quality backpack to lug all their textbooks and laptop around in from class to class.  This affordable backpack is sturdy and provides an anti-left laptop pouch with a USB charging port for charging on the go!

2.  Amazon Prime Membership, $39

College students will undoubtedly need things that they couldn’t have anticipated needing.  And, with Amazon Prime, they can get those things in just two short days – delivered right to their dorm room!

3.  ‘Recipes Every College Student Should Know’ Cookbook , $9.95

Make sure your college student doesn’t starve with this handy cookbook!

4.  Coffee Tumbler, $17.99

With early morning classes (and inevitable late nights), this coffee tumbler will come to be your college students (or entrepreneurs) saving grace.

5.  Whole Foods Gift Card, $25

Help your grad make healthy food choices as they venture out on their own with this Whole Foods gift card!

6.  ‘The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into In College’ Book, $10.99

This go-to guide for the best college experience has been rated #1 for 10 years!  This hilarious book will share all the dirty secrets your new college student needs to know about starting this next adventure.

7.  Boxycharm Subscription Box, $25

Send the makeup lover in your life 5 full-size beauty products each month that they can show off around campus with Boxycharm!

8.  Keurig Mini Coffee Maker, $79.99

This coffee maker will make the perfect addition to your new college students’ dorm!

9.  Mattress Topper, $39.99

We all know that college dorm room mattresses are NOT comfortable!  Make sure your college student is getting a good night’s sleep with this mattress topper.

10.  Amazon Gift Card, $25

You can never go wrong with an Amazon gift card!

11. Birchbox Men’s Grooming Subscription Box, $10

Load your guy up on all the essentials every month with a subscription to Birchbox for men! Included are 5 products such as face wash, deodorant, shaving essentials, and soap.

12. Portable Shower Caddy, $22.97

This is an essential item for anybody going off to college making the perfect graduation gift!

13. Microwavable Cookware & Dinner Set, $26.25

Make cooking easier for your new college student with this cookware set specifically designed for microwave cooking!

14. Personal Smoothie Blender, $21.99

The perfect healthy addition to any dorm room!

15. Electric Hot Pot, $30.99

This electric hot pot can cook anything from meat, and rice to ramen and oatmeal.  Dorm life eating will be a breeze with this bad boy!

16. Used Books Monthly Subscription, $5.79

Used Books Monthly is PERFECT for college students! Although they’ll have tons of studying and textbook reading to do, having a book to read for enjoyment is always encouraged.  Whether it’s between classes or before bed, Used Books Monthly will send 1 book per month to your graduate to keep their love of reading alive.

17. Hipcamp Experience, $25+

Send your new grad on an unforgettable camping experience with their friends using Hipcamp!  With Hipcamp you can find hundreds of camping spots – near and far – that will wow your graduate! Use the button below to receive a $10 credit!

BONUS:  Laptop – $465+

While laptops are expensive, they are essential for college and will make the perfect graduation gift for your high school grad!

Alright, there you have it! 65 graduation gifts for grads of all ages!

Enjoy 🙂

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– Michelle

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