17 Best Budgeting Apps To Manage Your Money Like A Pro

Apr 16, 2020 | Budgeting

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These are 17 of the best budgeting apps to download! Whether you need to make a budget, track your spending, save money, pay off debt, or make extra money, there is an app in this list for you. Most of these apps are free and available on an iPhone or Android. Click to explore all these good budget apps like Mint. #budgeting #apps #budgetapps #budgetingapps #free #iphone

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Apps, apps, apps.

There’s an app for everything nowadays, and the budgeting niche isn’t an exception.

Here’s the dealio:

Whether you need to track your budget, save money, or pay off debt, there is an app for you.

Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the best budgeting apps that you should definitely download.

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1.  Mint (Free)

I’ve been using Mint for yearssss and man can I tell you how far they’ve come.

Their dashboard is simpler than ever to use and allows you to manage/monitor your budget, transactions, bill due dates, and investments.

With Mint, you’ll also be able to:

  • monitor your credit score
  • create and track financial goals
  • apply for credit cards, personal and student loans, and life insurance

Mint is undeniably one of the best budgeting apps out there to help you manage your money like a pro.

Price:  Free

Click here to download the Mint app.

2.  YNAB (Free Trial, $11.99/Month)

YNAB will help you learn how to budget using their proven method, overcome debt, save money, and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Their award-winning software and proven method have been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of people.

Included in your membership, you’ll be able to:

  • budget your money
  • sync your budget with your partner
  • set and track financial goals
  • create reports showing you spending trends

YNAB is definitely worth the investment if you want to manage your money to the best of your ability!

Price:  Free trial for 34 days
After free trial:  $11.99/month or $84/year

Click here to sign up for your free trial of YNAB.

3. EveryDollar (Free, Optional Upgrade)

With the EveryDollar app, you can monitor your income and expenses to make sure you’re living within your means.

Additionally, you can track your spending to make sure you’re sticking to your budget.

When you use EveryDollar, you’re able to bring your budget with you everywhere – making budgeting easy and stress-free.

And, there’s more:

For just $129.99/year, you can unlock EveryDollar plus and a boatload more features.

These include:

  • connecting your bank account for easy budget balancing
  • access to Financial Peace University (9-lesson class that teaches you how to pay off debt, save, and build wealth)
  • debt snowball tool

EveryDollar is a one-stop-shop for your all your budgeting and money management needs, making it one of the best budgeting apps available.

Price:  Free
Plus Version: $129.99/year

To check out EveryDollar, click here.

4.  Personal Capital (Free)

Personal Capital helps you manage your wealth and cash so you can make the best financial decisions.

With Personal Capital, you can:

  • assess your income and expenses
  • calculate your net worth
  • set up and track your budget
  • monitor your investments
  • plan for retirement

And more.

Their team of experts will help you make sure your money is being spent, saved, and invested well.

Price: Free

To get started with Personal Capital, click here.

5.  Truebill (Free)

Truebill is the perfect budgeting app for those who want to monitor their spending habits and make better use of their hard-earned cash.

When you download the Truebill app, they will:

  • manage your subscriptions (so you don’t have to keep paying for things you aren’t using)
  • lower your bills
  • get you refunds for fees and outages
  • give you a clear snapshot of your financial wellbeing

And, get this:

To date, they’ve helped their customers save a combined $14 million dollars.

To be added to that list of money-savers, click here to download Truebill for free!

Price:  Free


These are 17 of the best budgeting apps to download! Whether you need to make a budget, track your spending, save money, pay off debt, or make extra money, there is an app in this list for you. Most of these apps are free and available on an iPhone or Android. Click to explore all these good budget apps like Mint. #budgeting #apps #budgetapps #budgetingapps #free #iphone

6.  Trim Financial (Free)

Trim Financial is very similar to Truebill in the sense that their goal is to save you money.

When you sign up for Trim, they will:

  • negotiate lower costs for your WiFi, cable, and cell phone bills
  • find and cancel unwanted subscriptions
  • lower your APRs and bank fees
  • negotiate a discount or payment plan for medical bills
  • automatically move money into your emergency fund (or other savings accounts)

So far, Trim has saved its users $40 million dollars!

Price:  Free
Premium Option:  $99/year

To save tons of money, get started with Trim by clicking here.

7.  Honeyfi (Free Trial, $59.99/year)

Ever feel like you and bae will never be on the same page when it comes to your money?

Well, not anymore.

With Honeyfi, you can save money, pay off debt, and get ahead financially as a couple.

Using their simple tools, you can choose which accounts to connect and share, what money goes where, and how to spend your hard-earned cash.

Here’s the low-down on everything Honeyfi provides:

  • unlimited accounts
  • savings goals with 1% bonuses
  • customizable budgeting
  • bill tracking
  • spending notifications and analytics
  • the ability to control which accounts you share and which you don’t

And, get this:

On average, couples save $700 their first-month using Honeyfi!

Price:  Free for 30 days
After free trial:  $59.99/year

To start your free trial with Honeyfi (and your boo), click here.

8.  Tally (Free)

The Tally app is the first automated debt manager created.

With Tally, you can:

  • manage all of your credit cards in one place
  • personalized debt manager to help you get out of debt faster
  • late fee protection on your credit card payments
  • low-interest credit line to pay off your credit card debt faster
  • save tons of money on interest rates

Price:  Free to download

To see if Tally is the right fit for you and your debt management, click here

9.  Chime Banking App (Free + $50 Gift)

You might be wondering why I’m including a banking app in this list.

I mean, you probably already have a bank that you use and that has an app to go along with it.

But, here’s the deal:

Chime is the future of online banking.

When you sign up for a Chime bank account (and savings account), you will benefit from tons of stuff like:

  • not paying crazy fees (like monthly minimum balance requirements, overdraft fees, foreign fees, or service fees)
  • getting paid up to two days earlier than your coworkers
  • automatic savings feature

I’ve been a member of Chime for about 6 months and I love them – they’re a no-hassle bank that has your best interest at heart.

To sign up for your own Chime bank account and get a $50 free gift, click here.

10.  Rakuten (Free + $30 Gift)

If you shop online (or in stores) frequently, then you need Rakuten in your life to start earning cash back.

Rakuten is super simple to use.

Before you shop, simply:

  • Open the Ebates App or login via Ebates.com
  • Find the store you want to shop from and shop as usual
  • Earn as much as 20% cash back for your purchase

You can turn in your cash for PayPal payments or a check.

Price:  Free

To download the Rakuten app and start earning cash back, click here.

(You’ll also get a $10 free gift!)

11.  Ibotta (Free + $20 Gift)

Ibotta will save you tons of money on things you already buy.

It’s simple:

  • Download the Ibotta App
  • Add eligible offers from your favorite retailers (like Target, Uber, Olive Garden, and more) to “My Offers”
  • Shop as usual online or in-store
  • Snap a pic of your receipt to get cash back!

You can also add your debit/credit card to your Ibotta app and get cash back automatically on qualifying purchases.

Then, you can turn in your cash for PayPal payments, gift cards, or Venmo payments!

Sign up today to start saving and earn your free $10 welcome bonus!

12.  Dosh (Free + $5 Gift)

Rewards apps are basically giving away free money these days.

Here’s the deal:

Dosh is hands down the easiest way to start earning cash back on purchases you already make.

All you have to do is download the Dosh App and connect your debit or credit card.

Then, shop as usual and earn cash back instantly.

You can earn as much as 15% cash back on normal purchases by swiping the same card you always do.

Here’s the best part:

Dosh will give you $5 for free just by signing up and linking a card & you’ll get $5 for every friend you refer!


13.  Acorns ($1/month)

Want to start investing your money but don’t know where to start?

Well, I have good news:

The Acorns app is the perfect way to get started with investing.

Once you connect your accounts to Acorn, they’ll invest your spare change for you to start growing your portfolio.

Acorns will also help you save for retirement by recommending an IRA perfect for you!

Price:  $1-$3/month

To start easily investing in your future, click here to download the Acorns app.

14.  Charlie (Free)

Sooooo Charlie is 100% the cutest way to manage your money.

When you download the Charlie app, you’ll be connected with their adorable prodigy Penguin who will help you:

  • reduce your bills
  • avoid unnecessary charges/fees
  • track your spending
  • create savings plans for you


For real:

If you only download one app on this list, make it this one.

Price: Free

Click here to download Charlie and get in on the savings (and cuteness).

15.  Survey Junkie (Free)

Ever wonder if you could get paid for all the time you spend on your phone?

Well, now you can.

When you’re waiting in the doctor’s office, commuting to work or school, or just plain bored, you can take surveys on Survey Junkie and earn extra money!

With Survey Junkie, you can easily become an influencer by sharing your opinions of trending brands and products.

Cash-out your earnings via Paypal or for gift cards!

Price:  Free

To start earning extra money download Survey Junkie today!

16.  Opinion Outpost (Free)

Another option for taking surveys and earning extra money is Opinion Outpost.

When you sign up for Opinion Outpost, you can easily earn money online without the hassle of starting your own business.

If you want to easily earn extra money for you and your family, this is the budgeting app for you.

Price:  Free

Download Opinion Outpost to start earning extra money!

17.  Fresh Books (Free Trial, $6.00/month)

Do you have your own business?

Then, the FreshBooks app is the perfect budgeting solution for your small business.

When you use the FreshBooks apps, you can:

  • send invoices in seconds
  • organize your expenses
  • get paid faster

 And ultimately successfully run your business from anywhere.

Price:  Free trial for 30 days
After free trial: $6-$20/month

Click here to start managing your businesses finances better.

There you have it:

The 17 best budgeting apps to manage your money like a pro!

Here’s the deal, though:

Obvs you shouldn’t download all 17 of these apps — that would be crazy.

Instead, choose the ones that help your current financial needs and organize them in a “finances” folder on your phone.

These apps will help you stick to your budget, save money, make money, pay off debt, and ultimately take control of your finances, so don’t miss out!

These are 17 of the best budgeting apps to download! Whether you need to make a budget, track your spending, save money, pay off debt, or make extra money, there is an app in this list for you. Most of these apps are free and available on an iPhone or Android. Click to explore all these good budget apps like Mint. #budgeting #apps #budgetapps #budgetingapps #free #iphone
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happy budgeting,

– michelle

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