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12 Ways To Host An Unforgettable Thanksgiving On A Budget

Oct 15, 2019Budgeting

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Feeling stressed out about how much hosting Thanksgving is going to cost you?

I’ll let you in on  little secret:

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You can host an unforgettable Thanksgiving on a budget (without anybody knowing)!

When you use these 12 tips, you’ll be able to save money while hosting an epic Thanksgiving dinner.

Dive in!

1.  Don’t Buy A Turkey

I know, I know.  I’m starting off with a banger.

But, hear me out:

The turkey is the most expensive part of Thanksgiving dinner. And, while it is the most recognized item on a Thanksgiving menu, it isn’t the healthiest (or the most compassionate).

So, spread compassion and love this Thanksgiving by saying no to turkey.

Besides, the sides are the most delicious part of Thanksgiving dinner, anyways.

2.  Don’t Over Invite

Keep your expenses for Thanksgiving in check by sticking to a small guest list.

If you’re worried about offending people, let them know that you’re hosting an intimate Thanksgiving for immediate family.

They’ll understand!

And, if they don’t?  Expand your guest list and ask everybody to bring a dish (tip #8).

3.  Shop Sales

You can totally host an unforgettable Thanksgiving on a budget without having to skimp out.

Simply take the time to research the best sales at your local grocery stores.  Then, make a note on your shopping list of where each item is cheapest!

Don’t forget to check your local bulk food stores.

4.  Use Coupons

Coupon Surfer has TONS of great coupons available to you for FREE!

Sign up now and browse their coupons before your Thanksgiving shopping to easily save money.

5.  Buy What’s in season

Pinterest can make it seem like you have to make 2 main dishes and 30 sides to host an epic Thanksgiving.

Don’t be sucked into the madness!

You can host an unforgettable Thanksgiving on a budget by only buying what’s in season.

And, I’ll tell you what:

Your meal will taste 100x better than most because you’ll be using the freshest ingredients available to you.

(It just so happens that they’ll also be the cheapest!)

6.  Shop Locally

Local farmer’s markets often have cheaper prices than your local grocery store.

If you have one available to you, utilize it to host an epic Thanksgiving on a budget.

7.  Budget For It

Don’t let hosting Thanksgiving leave a hole in your wallet.

Instead, budget for Thanksgiving now, so you don’t feel stressed about it as the date approaches.

Download the Budget Boss Binder to organize your finances and create a budget plan for Thanksgiving!



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8.  Make A Plan (& Stay organized)

Avoid unexpected and last-minute expenses when you host Thanksgiving by planning ahead and staying organized.

Use our 2019 Thanksgiving Planner to keep track of all the important details, like:

  • whose coming
  • whose bringing what
  • your menu
  • meal plan
  • shopping list
  • to-do list

and more!

Get your Thanksgiving printables here for just $5.

9.  Ask people to bring a dish

It is 100% okay (if not expected) for you to ask your guests to bring a dish.

And, think about it:

If you ask each guest (or group of guests) to bring just one dish, you’ll have most of your Thanksgiving meal complete without leaving anybody broke or tired.

Sharing is caring!  And that’s what Thanksgiving is all about!

10.  Keep it simple (Stupid!)

Simple is elegant.  Simple is cool.  Simple is cost-effective.


You don’t need to go broke trying to throw the most elaborate Thanksgiving anybody has ever been to.

The most important part is that you’re with the people you love enjoying each other’s company.

So, keep it simple, stupid, and save yourself time, stress, and money.

11.  Thrift It

You might feel like you need a fancy set of china to host Thanksgiving.

But, you don’t!

Go to your local thrift store and buy a total mishmash of plates, silverware, and cups.

Not only will this save you tons of money, but it will also look sooooo cute.

Vintage is in, so embrace it!

12.  Get Cash back

Download Ibotta so you can get cash back for purchases you’re already making for Thanksgiving.

It’s as simple as installing the app and snapping a pic of your receipt after shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.

You’ll instantly receive cash back on qualifying items!

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stay grateful,

– michelle

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